KItchen/VanIty Countertops Process:

  • First, an estimate for the cost of the preparation, fabrication and installation needs to be determined.  Customers can provide a simple drawing/sketch of their existing countertops with rough measurements at the time of their visit to our showroom in Philadelphia, where they can consult with our salespeople on choosing the type of the material (Granite, Marble, Quartz, Travertine etc.), design ideas and an estimated cost.  You can also email or fax us your sketch.
  • In the next step we can pick out the color of the material.  When picking natural stone, customers can choose from a range of colors supplied by various stone vendors or pick from our own inventory.  Philly Marble&Tile will determine how many slabs will be needed for the project.  In Quartz/Engineered Stone countertops, customers can safely pick from samples as they are manmade and colors/patterns are consistent unlike natural stones.
  • Once the material and color selection has been made, Philly Marble will place the orders for slabs as soon as the deposit is paid.  For slabs that are not in our inventory please allow 3-10 days for delivery to Philly Marble's fabrication facility.  In the case of a material which is in Philly Marble's inventory we will schedule installation at the earliest available date.
  • Customers can sign and give us their deposit along with job contract in-person or via email/fax.
  • After receiving deposit and completing contract, Philly Marble will arrange to do a template of the counters at a mutually agreed date and time.  We will need about 5-10 business days to perform the fabrication.  The length of time will depend and vary on the time of the year, material and job's requirements.  Installation will take about couple of hours generally and Philly Marble will clean and apply a sealer upon installation.  It is the customers' responsibility to reconnect their plumbing, electricity and gas hookups.  Final payment is due after the job is finished.


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